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Hi, my name is Mathias Aakervik Torgalsbøen, im 24 years old and works as a CRM consultant in Norway. My daily job includes implementing Dynamics 365 for customers in Norway. I’ve been working with Dynamics and Power Platform for the last 2 years (since March 2019).

On this blog I will be sharing my knowledge and experiences using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform mostly, since this is the technologies i’m working with daily. The blog will also have other tech related posts based on what I think is relevant. I’m also having a big passion for Azure, so there will be posts regarding usage of Azure and DevOps.

I will try to use tags as good as possible to make it easy to filter out what could be most exciting for you to read about.

Best Regards

Mathias Aa. Torgalsbøen

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