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This year, we were finally able to attend this event in person. After a couple of years with a pandemic, the restrictions allowed us to meet 50 people at Voksenkollen hotel and do this event. This was my first time attending this event in person so this was very exciting.

Teams who participated:
Bouvet Shredders (Bouvet)
InfoNinjas (Infoworker)
nINjas (Innvasjon Norge)
PizzaTime (Point Taken)
PowerShredders of Axdata (Axdata)
Skill Bombshells (Skill)
Skill Powershells (Skill)
The Sopranos (SopraSteria)

It was great seeing all these teams working on each of their creative products with Ninja Turtles in focus (This year’s theme). Everyone delivered awesome solutions, and it’s inspiring to see how all themes managed to claim those badges. (To see which badges we could claim click here)

Everyone delivered awesome blog posts to show the judges their solutions, and it’s incredible how many blog posts actually got written.

But what did my team (Powershell) delivered during this event?

Our solution/product has come up during the issues we have been meeting in Norway, related to high electricity prices. We wanted to create a solution that gets all electricity deals out there, compare these, and picks the best for you. To read more about our final delivery visit:

The winners of this year’s ACDC were “The Sopranos” from Sopra Steria. Congratulations! Below is a link to their final delivery post, which goes more in-depth about what they created.

Thanks for this year’s event, this wouldn’t be possible without the committee:

Ulrikke Akerbæk
Jarle Engseth
Carlos Briceno
Thomas Sandsør
Marius Børresen
Ragnhild Baumann
Eirik Christiansen

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